The trash we encounter every day ends up polluting our waterways, but it doesn’t have to be that way. #LitterIsNotInvited.

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It’s Back To School Time!

It’s back to school time which means buying clothes, uniforms, school supplies, and books. With all of these new items being purchased, check out this option to make your back to school shopping more eco-friendly.

1. Determine What You Can Reuse From Last Year 

Clean out old binders, pencil and marker containers, and give last year’s backpack a good cleaning for a fresh start to the new school year.

2. Buy Eco-friendly Bags

Grab a cool new reusable lunch box for the school year. While you’re at it, take it one step further by using reusable sandwich and snack bags. They are easy to use and clean. They also save you money throughout the school year!

3. Purchase Supplies Made From Recycled Materials

Most kid’s backpacks on the market are made up of synthetic materials like nylon. Try buying a backpack or lunch bag made up of recycled plastic or other plant-based materials. There are sustainable sneakers too! Anyone who has been around young children knows that they grow faster than you could think. Consider buying sustainable sneakers that are made up of recycled materials.

Quick Tips To Make Your Labor Day Eco-Friendly

Labor Day is coming up, which means the end of summer is fast approaching. Many of us celebrate this time with a barbeque or party with family and friends, but do you ever think about the eco-impact of your gathering? Below you’ll find some ways to make your next party more eco-friendly.

Avoid Using Disposable Partyware

Try using regular dishes or consider purchasing a reusable set of plastic plates and cutlery.

Bring It, Take It!

Remember when visiting local lakes, parks, and rivers this holiday to take what you bring. We all want to enjoy our beautiful destinations without litter being in the way.

Reuse Decorations

If you threw a Fourth of July party, this is your opportunity to use those same decorations sooner than you thought. Keep the red, white and blue theme and use those decorations one more time this year.

What’s Going On?

Lend a helping hand, and help clean up your local communities at these events in your neighborhood, because, #LitterIsNotInvited.

Trinity Trash Bash

Keep your lovely city clean with TRWD September 21st! Join them at the bi-annual trash bash, which helps to keep the river and the city clean, but they can’t do it alone. We would love for you to volunteer to help create a cleaner and more positive environment in Tarrant County.

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Cedar Creek Cleanup

Let’s come together on September 28th at the lake we all love!

Love participating in cleanups all over DFW? Join in the fun for the Cedar Creek Community Cleanup (1 hour east of Dallas). Various points along Cedar Creek Lake need your attention and help to collect discarded debris and litter. By joining forces as a community, the lake will be protected well into the future. After the cleanup, stick around for family fun at the after-party.

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Get Involved Locally 

Our communities need all of us to help to create a better, litter-free neighborhood and world! Below you’ll find opportunities for you to lend a helping hand to help keep our cities beautiful.

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