Reverse Litter This Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner on Monday, Sept. 4, and we know many D/FW residents are planning to go with their friends and family on picnics, stay-cations and getaway trips. While Labor Day comes once a year, trash doesn’t!  No matter where you go to have a good time this year, don’t forget to keep your home, parks and neighborhoods free from trash and litter.

As a reminder, overflowing trash cans filled with litter during holiday picnics and parties can affect our waterways and wildlife if they are not maintained properly. Help us maintain our environment this weekend by picking up 10 pieces of trash over the Labor Day weekend. If you haven’t done so already, sign up or ask your friends and family to take the Ten On Tuesday pledge before you go on your trip this weekend. We can all do our part to make a difference!

3 End of Summer Tips for Keeping Cleanliness Top of Mind

This summer consisted of an array of concerts, festivals and beach getaways, which allowed Reverse Litter to educate individuals about keeping venues clean and streets trash-free so everyone can enjoy their time in the sun.

Now that summer is almost over, some may argue these lessons won’t apply anymore, but we’d like to disagree. It’s important to maintain cleanliness year-round. Below are three tips on how to continue cleaning up your streets and surroundings throughout the year.

Clean your residence to make it look nice before the fall.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can start prepping it for fall season by cleaning the environment around you. Pick up cigarette butts, cups, or wrappers that might have landed in your lawn after someone littered. Dispose of them to make the streets surrounding your home more appealing. If your apartment complex has hallways and stairs with empty bottles or cans lying around, pick them up to make the complex look cleaner.

Hold an end of the summer trash picking activity with friends and family.

For groups of friends that enjoy outdoor summer activities, there is generally one last hoorah before the summer is over. If you opt to have a barbecue before summer ends, after your barbecue or festivity is done, how about having a contest with your friends or family to see who can pick up the most trash? Doing this can not only create unforgettable memories with friends and family, but it can also instill a sense of accomplishment in you.

If you and your friends have taken the Ten on Tuesday pledge, make it a competition – or you can also participate in our Flag Activity.

Upcycle used cans for holiday seasons.

This summer has been a hot one, and it’s hard to resist cracking open a cold can of soda when you’re feeling the heat from the scorching sun. If you’ve used a lot of cans this summer and still have them lying around or haven’t thrown them in a recycling bin, there are many ways you can upcycle cans and bottles.

For instance, when the time to decorate for Halloween or Christmas decorations comes around, slice your cans and hang them as ornaments, or build a Christmas tree by stacking them. Better yet, build a tree out of bottles and use a string of cans as wreaths. The DIY options are endless!

Before the summer ends, consider what you can do to maintain a cleanliness mindset throughout the year. Let’s end summer motivated and ready to Reverse Litter.

Calling All Litter Quitters

Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) is hosting its annual September river cleanup better known as Trash Bash. Last year marked the 25th annual year of the cleanup and with it came record-breaking attendance. TRWD expects to see another big showing of dedicated volunteers at this year’s event scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 16.

That’s where YOU come in.

Since participants can register for sections to clean up sections along the Trinity River, the event is spread out and we need Litter Quitters to help out at some of the sites. You’d be checking in volunteers of that section and making sure that anyone who needs trash bags, or gloves, is good to go. If that’s something you’d like to help with, visit our Litter Quitter link to toss your name in the ring. For those of you about to click, we salute you!