As summer ends and we enter fall, also known as autumn season, most homeowners will begin to see their trees’ leaves change colors and fall down on their yards.

If the leaves are left unkept, they’ll form a dense mat under the tree and reduce the chance of the tree gaining important nutrients from water and fertilizers. Instead of letting the leaves sit there, or sending your leaves to a landfill, why not consider recycling the leaves as a way to add nutrients to your lawn?

Compost your leaves. 
Leaves are a perfect addition to the compost pile, plus they won’t take up room in the landfill. They decompose into a fertile mulch pretty quickly and that mulch can then be added back into your garden or landscape. If you’re thinking about starting a compost bin, autumn is a prime time to do so.

Use leaves as a lawn supplement
Leaves can be beneficial to your grass. Set your mower to its greatest heights and continually mow over your leaves until they’re broken down into small pieces. This will allow the leaves to sink deep into the soil and break down into nutrients that can be beneficial to your lawn.

Add leaves to the plants in your garden or flower bed. 
Leaves that have been raked and shredded can be worked directly into your garden and flower beds. A 6 to 8-inch layer of leaves tilled into a heavy, clay soil will improve aeration and drainage.

Recycling is very important to the Reverse Litter team! We hope that these tips provide you with a whole new way to use those pesky leaves that end up on your lawn in the fall.

If you snagged trash during Halloween, we salute you! Keep sharing your pictures with us on social media.

On Nov. 15, communities around the U.S. will hold events and celebrate Keep America Beautiful’s America Recycles Day. The initiative asks all of us to become “everyday” recyclers and be cognizant of the impact recycling has on our economy and environment’s well-being.

Help us keep our communities beautiful on America Recycles Day and every other day – our cities depend on it!

Spooky Spirit Winner!

The winner of our #TenonTuesContest is this little boy dressed up as an astronaut. He made a jetpack from recycled plastic with the help of his parent.

Below is the picture they shared with us on social media – all the way from Shasta, California. Congrats! You will receive Reverse Litter swag and more in the mail.

Thanks to all who participated!

Upcoming Community Events


Household Hazardous Waste (BOPA)
WhatThere are some items in your home (e.g. cleaners, batteries, paint) that are hazardous and should never be placed in your roll cart. After they have been used, they become Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). The most common types of HHW are Batteries, Oil, Paint and Antifreeze (BOPA). You can drop off these four types of HHW at the BOPA events. For more information, please visit Dallas Zero Waste’s event.
Where: 5639 Forest Ln. Dallas, TX.
When: Saturday, Nov. 11, 8 – 11 a.m.

Fort Worth

Crud Cruiser
WhatCrud Cruiser mobile collection trailers travel to neighborhoods to collect household hazardous waste. Proof of residency (current water bill, valid driver’s license) and avoucher if required by your city are necessary.
Where: Crud Cruiser will be available at predetermined locations in multiple cities.
Visit the city of Fort Worth’s website for more information.
When: Now through November.