As Fox 4 News puts it in their Protective masks, gloves starting to litter North Texas parking lots article, “There’s a new public health and environmental issue showing up on North Texas streets: Littered protective equipment.”

Although we’re so thrilled to see North Texans taking COVID-19 protective measures seriously (maintaining social distancing practices and wearing PPE in public are a MUST!) the litter has got to stop.

Follow these recommendations from this AZ Family article, along with the helpful resources below, to help keep yourself clean and your community litter-free:

EPA Stresses the Importance of Recycling and Proper Disposal of Personal Protective Equipment | US EPA

“What Are We Going To Do Today?”

If you need more self-care tricks and tips to stay positive during this time of uncertainties, want to help those who are struggling, or just want more activities to do with your family while staying home… you’ve come to the right place! From nail art and hide-and-seek games to keep you and your little ones busy to helpful ways you can give back to your community at this time, this list has all the newest advice and ideas to help you get what you need.

Ways to Appreciate the Earth, Even from Your Living Room!

We’ve come up with simple, entertaining ways to appreciate and learn about mother nature and our beautiful planet. There are options for anyone & everyone, even those who’d just prefer to stay indoors!

  • Recycle, of course! We’ve been going through tons of trash at home every day. We know that keeping track of what you should be recycling is hard, which is why we’ve come up with this simple graphic to help you remember to be more aware of what you toss in your green bin.

  • Earth art! Have a contest to see who can draw the best nature/earth-related artwork using chalk on a driveway or a safe spot on the sidewalk. If chalk isn’t accessible to you, try reusing a scrap piece of paper to color on while you lay on a blanket outside.
  • Educational Coloring Activities! If you haven’t met Lucky Litter (the main character in our coloring book) yet, you’re missing out! Print out one (or all!) of his game sheets, coloring pages, and teachable moments from our E-Book here: Reverse Litter Activity/Coloring Pages
  • Spend time outdoors! We recommend taking a hike, bike ride, or long walk to clear your mind and bringing a bag with you to pick up any trash you find along the way – every little bit counts. If you can, use gloves or a trash picker, and don’t forget to bring that sanitizer with you!
  • Picnic! Enjoy the warm temperatures June brings and lay on a towel or blanket outside with a healthy meal, drinks, or snacks. Relax and enjoy the sounds of nature!
  • Compost! Use some of the things from your kitchen and yard to put together a compost and be less wasteful. Here’s a video from Better Homes and Gardens with some tips and tricks for compost beginners:

Upcoming Event Cancellations

Unfortunately, our upcoming events are facing cancellations due to safety and health concerns during this difficult time. If you’re looking for ways to keep your community clean or appreciate our beautiful earth, check out all of the ideas above!