Reverse Litter is an anti-litter awareness and education campaign that was created in 2012. The campaign is centered around protecting North Texas waterways from trash and debris. Through public education, community outreach and engagement, Reverse Litter aims to decrease the amount of trash that winds up in our waterways and influence how people think and act regarding litter.

One influential initiative, Ten on Tuesday, entices action by encouraging citizens to make a pledge to pick up 10 pieces of trash every Tuesday, or once a week. This initiative is not only intended to be an individual effort but also a collective effort by our entire community to create a lifestyle change that has a long lasting, positive effect on our environment.

Reverse Litter is funded by the cities of Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and the Tarrant Regional Water District.


Most littering doesn’t just happen. It doesn’t accidentally end up by sidewalks, in parking lots, or along roadways. That Styrofoam cup didn’t just fly out of the back of a pickup truck on its own. Someone had to put it there in the first place. Most litter finds its way into the environment because someone chose convenience over finding a trash can. And that’s not cool.

Litter trashes out the places we live, work, and play. It also winds up in our waterways, polluting a resource that we all depend on to survive. We’re stepping up to change that. Are you willing to help?

We invite you to take the pledge and pick up 10 pieces of trash every Tuesday!